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Hi I currently have just finished my bond and dying in school everyday. I tired to search around for other jobs but almost all require relevant experience and a degree in that relevant field. I only have a Bachelor in Education :/ Thinking of going to teach in International school or private tuition centre. Anyone in there? How's the pay like, heard that the International school angmoh teachers don't like us locals D;

Really lost here because I don't find meaning in this job anymore. Can't get anywhere unless you wayang everyday. UGH. But then again, I don't really have any other skills to go elsewhere. Help guys.
Try to find other meaningful endeavour in teaching just like me. Such as watching schoolgirls panties when they anyhow seat. Or as a PE teacher seeing schoolgirls panties or Chee bye when they do excercises such as seat ups and open their legs. Such things greatly motivates me to go school and teach daily! You will never get bored!

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