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Thank you for clarifications. There are many people giving false information that is misleading which I find it ridiculous. Many don't understand the word generally and/or average.

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please don't mislead people, or check around to understand the average before using one data point to make the argument.

In typical scenarios, VP in banks requires ~ 10 years experience. of course high flyers exists, but the average fact is that. in my bank, AVP JD usually requires 5-8 years experience, VP requires at least 8+ years experience. I'm 41 as of 2019, VP in a US bank. Yes there're a few people in my office below 40 already SVP. Some below 45 already MD (my bank doesn't have much title inflation, every year only less than 20 new MD promotions, with a total global workforce of 60k). But majority of my cohort are VP and some still AVP.

Then again, different banks have very different title vs. experience/actual grade schemes. UOB is known to be the most inflated among the local. I've seen UOB VP applying other bank AVP position and still get good increment. In DBS, as far as I know, VP is really managerial position with a small team to lead, whereas in some other banks, even ED can still be individual contributor.

In insurance, while most follow similar corporate title track, some actually follow non-banking MNC where VP is really high-up with Directors and Managers as middle and lower level.

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