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I've been a teacher for a couple of years, and I must say, the money is good, especially if you're single (drawing $5.5K monthly now). I've made extra income through giving tuition on the sidelines.

I also visit "massage" services every week during school hours, and sometimes I'm in Geylang in the afternoon to escape the crowd hehe. I get horny very easily in school when I see the nubile young girls passing by (I teach in a IP school), to the extent I once hired a 19-year-old escort to service me.

This is probably one of the best jobs in the world...
Same here, teach in a sec girls school, the girls often anyhow seat with legs wide, all kinds of underwear color also can be seen, this is the key motivation of having to wake up early as a teacher to reach school at 7pm as compared to other profession.

often during assembly in the morning the sight of school girls zao geng is super shiok.

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