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Default Mid career switch

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I hv just been accepted into pgde which due to begin next year.
Bachelor degree in unrelated field. No honours. Female.
Mid career, have worked for more than 15 yrs in IT.
Hv been offered $4340.

From this thread, I realise that this offer is top of the scale for untrained tch.
Does this mean I might hit the top of scale of the next grade when I graduate frm pgde?
If I hv hit the top scale, during my bond, what if I am perceived as a underperformer? Will I be at risk to be asked to end my bond?

Appreciate any advice for this newbie. Thks.
Hi, I too was a mid career.... and took at 60% paycut when i join MOE some time back.
You will start with $4340. After graduation from NIE you will get $4500.
Within 3 years, you will get about $6k and if your performance is reasonable.. (no need to be that good), you will get $7k within 5 years.

If you take up leadership position, it will increase from there... hope I answered your query....
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