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good question. they asked me the same thing. one of the key questions i asked them was their culture and turnover vis a vis the industry.
i told them i cannot know for sure and they also have to take a risk with me by asking me about the things they need to know to make that decision. they also do not want to make a wrong hiring decision so we were very open. the senior staff says i will tell u everything that is helpful for you to know so I asked everything that I prepared beforehand. He ended "I think I have told you everything so would you like to join us?". I was a little taken aback before I clarified if they were making an offer, they replied they have to get all the due diligence done but as it stands, yes. long story short, i joined them, and was given a lot of opportunities to use my strengths. wld probably retire here.
Yea. Figure that question would be ask by the interviewers. Anyway happy for you in your new job.
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