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Does a SIM degree lower one's CEP from the start? I'm from a ministry, currently MX12 for more than 5 plus years. Gotten C+ C C B B but show how I'm always passed over for promotion. My peers from NUS/NTU with similar or worse performance grades are promoted already.. I tried to ask my RO and he said its partly due to lower CEP I had when I started.. Is due to my degree?
Jialat lor. High chance your CEP is only at mx11..

Is your current RO the RO for your first year as well?

First year is the most impt year as your RO will give an estimated of your CEP.

Of course they say CEP can be reviewed and adjust but it's hard. Example if your RO evaluates you to be only mx11 potential, it needs serious justification to change your CEP to example mx10. Scholars get promote fast because usually their CEP is at mx 8 or 9.
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