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i dont think is CEP. It is likely due to your lower starting pay, hence, it takes longer for you to reach the pay range of MX11 even with more increment per year. but not to worry, the gap will close up and you will eventually overtake your peer if you consistently perform better than them.

just have to accept the fact that it takes much more for a private uni to move up the ladder compare to a local uni.
Just to share my own experience also. I recently did a recruitment for my team in a SB. the position offered was deputy manager / manager, depends on the profile of the candidate. note : dm or m is decide by HR, not me or my boss

ironically, interesting fact i found out is HR will first look at the candidate last drawn pay, apply some formula and work out the offer.

eg. the salary work out to be 6k, HR will see the profile of this candidate,
if is from private uni, 6k will be pegged to Manager (due to lower starting pay in range)
if is from local uni, 6k will be pegged to deputy manager (due to mid starting pay in range)

what i want to say is no matter what, your salary will be very largely based on your last drawn for exp candidate while the eventual position offered will then be reverse engineer to the appropriate grade based on your profile
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