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thanks for the reply. I was on the those 1.5 yrs Bachelor (Due to my NYP diploma) + 1 yr Masters programme in Uni of Queensland, Australia (guess is one of those top Aus Uni)

I'm with a tech programme office working on innovation due to my previous job's innovation exp. I think i'm on the normal Admin MX scheme.
The thing is civil servant (may stat board can pay more because of their independent pay structure) starting is usually benchmarked on your Bachelor degree instead of Masters because they don't pay it if the job doesn't not ask for it (ie., specifically stated in the JD). So i think they might emplace you on a normal scale after accounting for your masters, and then top you up based on your experience. But again i think 5000++ is good rate, considering a FCH + 3-5 years should get around that figure too!
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