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Originally Posted by positivethinker View Post
Would like to seek some advice...

If say someone has started out in a new job not too long ago, but realized the job did not turn as what he/she expected for many possible reasons, could be due to miscommunication of role or no clear definition of role or what was communicated did not turn out to be the same as reality or lack of proper on-boarding training, mismatch in skills although it was clearly communicated about the skills gap (be it either during interview or on the cv), etc.

Roughly how long one should stay on before leaving? Because sometimes it might be due to 'timing' issue, like perhaps need a while more before those gaps in expectations will eventually be closed.

Understand it definitely will not look nice on the person to leave so soon after starting out in the job (the person is not a serial quitter, has worked for many years in previous jobs), hence when would be a "responsible" or "reasonable" period to quit after realizing that it is impossible to patch up those expectation gaps?

Because think it is neither good to hang on for too long if one realize it is not a good fit (it is not good for the employee nor for the employer, as no one will want to retain a disconnected staff anyway).
Leave immediately. If not serve 1 yr.
1 yr is a appropriate period before moving on

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