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Originally Posted by Huat View Post
HI All,

What is the MX scheme for BCA? MX12 -> MX11a -> MX11b or there is MX11 before MX11a?

Was offered 5K and only in MX12.. Am i being low balled?

What is the ceiling for MX12?

I guess you are the 4+3 33yo overseas grad? Mine sharing with us your uni profile and what kind of role that is - admin or engineer? I canít advise for the MX Scheme, but 5k sounds reasonable. Bear in mind again that they tend to pay a bit more premium for local, ivy leagues in US or top schs like Oxbridge Imperial and UCL LSE those type of schools or top aus uni like ANU Uni of Melb.

As for BCA tier, they are under MND, i would say tier 2? I donít know how people rate according to tiers but it really seems like economic and finance power houses sre tier 1 due to their status that someone highlighted few posts earlier.

Anyway specialised scheme gets paid more, like engineers, so it would be good if you can share the type of role and your uni profile (degree class/ grp of uni).

But 5k seeems fair.
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