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Its not true! For the VPA in my school, her highest priority is apple polishing rather than work. She can put urgent work aside and busy herself in the pantry cooking curry, making sandwiches and so during working hours especially when the Supt (the Principal 's boss) or other bosses come. She can go out to do marketing to cook up a storm in the pantry during working hours while her staff slog like mad to clear piles and piles of work, even having to bring work home to do. All those whom she 'saka' don't see all these. They are blinded by all the food that is served to them and failed to see how can a VPA have so much time to be cooking all these things for them to eat. All these food are only served to her master but never her staff. As a VPA she is supposed to do strategic planning, resource allocation and see how to streamline processes. Instead, all these are put at the lowest priority or not even done but when comes to apple polishing to please the bosses, everything can be thrown aside.
Sounds like a great job
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