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Your reference to Frank-Dodd shows your ignorance. It applies to Executive compensation (like the CEO) not first year employees!! In fact, the main impact from the various acts is to boost base salaries. If you haven't had a 20-30% boost to your salary (and lower bonus this year), you clearly didn't go to Stanford or work in a bulge bracket investment bank. Haha.
you are a waste of my time. heard of the concept of back propagation? if your boss makes 2M, what is the likelihood that you make 100k? Now, if your boss's boss makes 2M, what is the likelihood that you make 100k. Now, go propagate.

Frank Dodd directly affects top executives' remuneration; top executives' remuneration directly affects the package of those below them.

You are probably just a student with no working experience and hoping you will break into ib.

Now really, shut up already.
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