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feels good to inflate that number a little bit to make you feel important eh? don't worry, i've been there, done that. my guess is you are probably offered 75k base with 10k sign on and 5k relocation (if you are lucky). And guaranteed bonus for generalist analyst? who are you kidding? Also, 6-12months because you work hard? kiddo, it is not how hard you work, it is how much rain you bring in, and go read frank-dodd.
Your reference to Frank-Dodd shows your ignorance. It applies to Executive compensation (like the CEO) not first year employees!! In fact, the main impact from the various acts is to boost base salaries. If you haven't had a 20-30% boost to your salary (and lower bonus this year), you clearly didn't go to Stanford or work in a bulge bracket investment bank. Haha.
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