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Guys, there is no need to argue. The graduate salaries are published by the Universities and available on the internet.

From what I can see, the mean first year salary for a fresh Stanford MBA Grad in the Class of 2010 working in the Northeast (i.e., New York City) is $130,741. His mean signing bonus was $31,250 and his other mean guaranteed compensation was $133,375. So the mean total comp was $295,366. Phew! The median was $265,000.

However, most chose to work in the West (LA, SFO), and the mean total compensation was $197,830. Looks like there is a $100K difference between the West and the Northeast!
I graduated from Stanford a good number of years back. You need to understand some concept of statistics to appreciate those numbers properly. Mean or average is particularly susceptible to outliers. Look at the median instead

Here's the stats from stanford website:
Positions & Compensation: MBA Program: Stanford GSB
Class of 2010
Base salary: $120,000 median with a range of $40,000 to $330,000
Signing bonus: $20,000 median with a range of $2,500 to $100,000
Other guaranteed compensation: $25,000 median with a range of $9,000 to $300,000

More specifically for IB Associate (
Base (median/mean/range) = 100k/96k/60k-110k
Sign on = 40k/37k/10k-50k
Guaranteed = 0/0/0

Again, analyst makes 30-40% less. And guaranteed bonus for analyst? that's a rare rarity.

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