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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I'm new with diploma only ... Have experience pay 2.5k grade 14 is it too low for me??
Do they normally go by cert?
I only have diploma does it means my grade n pay will be quite stagnant not much for promotion?
not sure about your pay, but i believe if youíre a diploma holder, you would start off as an assistant executive, before moving to executive and finally senior executive. If you do consider furthering your studies via sponsorships provided by the stat boards, you might be offered an assistant assistant role (for fresh degree holders) or if not, having a degree will also boost your career opportunites in the private sector.

But from what iíve been reading there, thereís been a cut in positions for diploma holders in the public sector recently as seen in the [email protected] site, hence i would recommend you to consider pursuing a bachelors in the next few years, even if not for now.
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