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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Buddy, I thought you Want to change your career path? You can change your industry... Sure... But if u really want big money you should not change your field... Such as staying in accounts dept of landscape.. Then going to mindef and continue in me it's not a bad thing... You can also stay in landscape all your life and know everything about it, be your own boss.

The whole public service is quite obsessed over academic.

IMHO if u want both money n interest, up your financial literacy and invest on the side. Grow 1k into 1.5k, 1.5 into 2.5... One day it becomes 100k.. You may even start your own online business and maybe.. Be an online florist? By now you should be an expert green finger right. Dabble into terrariums, creative bouquets.. U know better than me.
Yeah, my long term goal would be to invest and even start my own small business. I am also thinking of getting other certs to start a sideline flora business but all these would need a capital first. I just thought that getting a DXO job would fasten the pace since the salary will be much higher and benefits will be better.

As I do not plan to retire here, my goal was actually to earn money first, get a capital to start a small business in Philippines, buy houses there to earn passive income.

(sorry if this is getting out of topic!)
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