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Definitely - can help interns of salary and progression. Yes, i think SAF officers need a degree to go to Captain (or otherwise it will take realllllllly long), since CPT has a 'staff' rotation.

I think it's okay to change industry. Honestly if you see what people study at uni, many do not actually work in something that is what they study. In one interview I went for, the Director told me they need the skills in critical thinking and reasoning which the uni should have trained me in... I think if you can do what like you like well, then it is a plus point.

I mean you never know what you dislike until you try it right? Haha!

Originally Posted by Candidus View Post
Say I get a job as an executive, will doing the part time degree help me in my career after I graduate? I understand that its almost definitive to take a degree to progress in civil service or MINDEF. I have seen my past SAF officers doing this.

The other question is, changing my career path now to another industry (from landscape to DXO/office job), will it affect much? I read past postings that we should stay in an industry and gain more specialised skills/knowledge through our individual's career progression.
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