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Originally Posted by Candidus View Post
Just want to hear from the rest,

I am 26, currently working in a private landscape industry. I have 3 years of working experience as a supervisor. Do you think its possible and feasible to change to a DXO job? I wanted to be a DXO after i ORD-ed but decide to do something which I have interest first.

But my priority changed now as I would like to earn a higher salary for investments to generate more income for my future. My current salary is $2200. From $1300 when I first started as a Gardener Intern when I was 23.

Most likely I will be trying for an executive position since Managers level require a tertiary education, I'm quite sure they are only looking at degree. Is it possible to work my way up from there? Or eventually I will still need a degree to get promotions?

I am also interested in applying for the Training/HR/OD departments as I got keen interest in them.
Just try.. Its for them to consider you. Everything said here is just speculation. If your ITE or Dip cert is Trg HR OD... Is possible. Just keep in mind gov is fixated on qualification. However, you may not like the offered salary... Just saying.

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