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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
go to dxo thread. Lol. You are killing a person who is genuinely helping!
Yah.. This is a timeline thread ... Dxo plenty of salary calculation there. Whole government pretty much calculate the same way for candidates under 3 years of exp. Besides... Its just a topic to destress... Can you scream at HR saying expert estimate 4k why you tell me 3.4k....because your field over saturated, other people doing comp science in demand what to do...

dxo thread is so hot...everybody only cares about salary... Which is understandable... If you studied 4 years in engineering, just because someone tells u engineer works 12 hours, are you gonna work as insurance agent instead? Possible but... not really mainstream logic. As long the salary pays the bills/loans and allows some enjoyment... Gain the experience and do whatever required.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
after reading " 2nd Lower, Overseas Uni (but degree done in SG)" then nope, definitely not. if you are offered $3.2 i think very good already.

Even local (NUS, NTU, SMU, STUD) less SIT SIM also getting lesser than 3.5k for 2nd Lower. I think yours would be around 3-3.2k. Work experience is up to HR to decide if it is relevant to the job.
Sounds like Sim Uol. Not many partner uni offers honours. 3k is a good estimate for 2:2. Don't forget it ranks even lower than SUTD n SIT which are niche universities (not high ranked) in the first place.

Skim thru the final 10 pages of DXO thread, the past 2 months there's been intense hiring... Plenty of helpful estimates.
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