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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Ahhhhh. Gotta thank you still. Maybe if LTA replies me earlier, might consider

I applied to the SLA as a… hmmmm… One of the post glassdoor rated as the worst. You are right… Overtime + Saturdays. So… actually I'm not so concerned with the work load. But more of the waiting time and ultimately the remuneration package…

The post I applied for is indeed in need of people, yet at the same time, it is rarely seen appearing in [email protected]… So I wouldn't dare to explicitly mention the title I applied for…
So either way you will work 2 years in 1 year. Haha. Never mind, rise as much as u can while there's strong demand, learn all u can while few obligation. My engineer friend said, once you have 3 4 years solid experience, the demand is good even in slump. But very few Chinese doing engineering / construction.

The package is normal but the hours is abnormal. They are not going to pay u 3.5x2 to work double the hours. This pay is assuming you have some decent honours. Once you have solid experience then aim mnc or overseas for fewer hours.
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