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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Fch with NS, from NUS.

Offered 4.4K
May I clarify, this year, 2018/2019? Basic + variable, without bonuses?

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
im not sure if your info is correct. i signed over 3 years ago and FCH is about 4.3-4.4k

unless mindef decided to cut budget for hiring. then i guess this batch is unlucky.

this is assuming you are talking abt local uni. As elite as this sounds... NTU, NUS. if not, then i will think FCH from SIT, SUTD, SIM is probably 3.5k as you mentioned.
I have heard countless people gasp when I told them how bad the payscale of a dxo is now. However to be fair, I didn't study hard enough to be entitled a big salary from the gov so... I can only blame my lack of foresight when I was younger. Who knew, so many MNC would pull out of this red dot within a short 10 years.

I think you were very fortunate buddy. 3-4 years ago was okay, gov didn't have so many programs to save the jobless then. It was a big bubble. Mindef used to set aside just one day per week for PT. Now they have three sessions in a week to clear backlog. With the beeline, not surprising if they take advantage of the very soft employment market.
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