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If you're a fussy picker in terms of food quality, you'll understand what I meant eventually. Otherwise not really a life-threatening issue, generally a QoL factor for some people.

OT will be depending on your shift teams strength and also for the roles required, but you will not be doing it immediately. Only once your supervisor deems you're experienced and reliable enough for the role, then you'll be eligible called up for OT.

As for the questions I left out, I'm not obliged to answer and it is up to you to figure it out. Cheers.
I think I can deal with it since I'm in the o&g industry, tastes varies from diff cooks but no choice we've got to eat for energy to work and I don't complain much unless it is too salty haha. My only concern is that do they serve halal food at the HQ and facilities? The employee will be given a food coupon or can simply straight enjoy at the mess room? Last question, can we do a 4-4 days from 2-2 days of work by getting agreement from our shift reliever/colleague and supervisor? Coz I've been told onshore plants are mostly like that wonder if Exxon too. Only if you wish to answer this. Thanks a lot man.

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