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not sure what you mean 'use'. but in military, our grade will help identify the officers/non-officers and their relative rank in the unit. cause we are working in a military organisation, so these grades helps. in some places though, they use manager/director to differentiate though. depends on the unit/dept.

im a DXO. and all my posts have certain hint that will shows its me.
i noted that, so that why i assumed to be the same person. thanks for answering

thank you for the insights. just curious, is it easy to transfer/rotate to another workplace with the DXO scheme?

So do you greet others by their name, then? My NS experience was quite limited to understand the structure of how DXO fits into an organisation - we call our officer Sir/ LTA Tan.. I am keen to apply for some in-camp roles, I was just wondering if DXO would be-friend other colleagues easier, and what do you address them - Sir or CPT Tan or..... If everyone's is uniform, then i know that same rank not so formal if you know them personally.

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