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Plus token growth path
1.0 version
Centralized wallet(supporting multiple passes”token”storage and transfer,trading personal digital asset function wallet,will play a vital role in the next generation internet digital economy!)➕Smart dog(smart dog can track in real time capture data and market analysis of each exchange,conduct intelligent arbitrage trading in real time,determine the difference between each trading platform and the trading volume of each currency to determine whether to execute the arbitrage task,and start the transaction at the right time.Combine multiple arbitrage methods.Not affected by price fluctuations,it solves various drawbacks and risks of manual arbitrage).

2.0 version
Over-The-Counter,OTC is also known as over-the-counter transaction, which refers to the transaction of the main body of the market on the basis of bilateral credit, through independent bilateral inquiry and bilateral settlement,which is not carried out on a trading platform but is made privately at a price above or below the trading platform or at a price subject to other conditions. Support currency transactions.

3.0 version
Flash (support visa. MasterCard binding plusToken for payment. Support all Google Pay alliance merchants and plusToken partners worldwide) to
centralized wallet(users manage their own assets, only users who control the private key can control the assets of the corresponding accounts. And plus Token can not provide retrieving passwords, trade rollback and so on.You must keep your private key. Your digital asset storage and transaction records are on the block chain network account, rather than on the plus Token server) ➕ decentralized exchange(the plusToken decentralization exchange puts the order book on the chain and plusToken’s new solution can solve the problem of speed and cost to some extent.The plusToken owns the reserve pool for the reserve management , the smart contract provides the best pool price , and the settlement can be done quickly through intelligent contracts on the chain.Its biggest advantage is to achieve rapid settlement,which is the fastest mode,logically speaking,in the decentralized exchange at present).At the same time, plusToken client has realized the plus conversion service on digital money machines of many countries all over the world.

4.0 version
The smart dog is out of use,users can buy smart dogs online,and technical teams will not be involved in smart dogs.At the same time, it will open SOS services to provide high quality services and customer care for plusToken VIP users worldwide.While providing sincere humanized services to plusToken’s vip users, it also provides the most local knowledge and experience around the world.Global assistance and whole-hearted care is the philosophy of the center.By listening to the needs of our customers, we seek to understand their needs so as to provide more flexible and innovative solutions.

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