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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi Bro, it is possible as long as their invested sum compounded over the years. I guess they are likely in the mid-50's.

You need to invest early in order to receive a good compounded passive income over the years. Start at 20's and it will snowball higher than your active income.
Of course it is possible. It is just what kind of risk that is involved.

And without any disclosure on the portfolio , there is no way anyone can ascertain these details.

But i must say it is impressive if one can earn a return that exceeds beyond employment income consistently as the poster. And those that do, they rarely share their secrets because sometimes in revealing these secrets, the risk of the portfolio outperforming reduces significantly.
Eg : if you spot an equity that has potential buy out and more people buy the equity pushing the price up, while is good, reduces the buyout opportunity. So all in all, you dont gain as much and capital get stuck longer.
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