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I grew up in a low/mid middle class family.

I have moved from the low/mid middle class to the upper class. I am very grateful to our system which rewards meritocracy, hard work and diligence.

I have achieved the Singapore Dream.

1. I no longer need to trade my precious time to earn a salary. My investments generate healthy returns and good passive income.
2. I was successful in my high flyer, high income career in the financial sector and was able to retire 6 years ago at the age of 44.
3. I have no mortgage on my home and no car loan.
4. I have a happy family and good friends.
5. I am TIME RICH.
6. I have time to spend with my loved ones.
7. I have time to exercise and take care of my health.
8. I have time to volunteer at charities to help the poor and needy.
9. I have time to read and pursue other interests.
10. I am happy, grateful and contented with the many blessings I receive.
11. I live in a 3 bedroom MODERN luxury condo located in a good district.
12. I drive a big luxury European car.
13. I enjoy overseas holidays.
14. I sleep peacefully at night.
15. I am now in the upper class.
16. I am a millionaire.

Secret of my success?

1. Studied very hard at TOP schools.
2. Chose the right high income career in a TOP industry. Worked at TOP companies.
3. Worked very hard in my career. Long hours and overseas travel.
4. Contributed back to society. I am generous with my time and material wealth for the less fortunate. Hence, I am very blessed.
5. Saved a lot from my BIG bonuses.
6. Invested wisely. I made HUGE profits from my investments.

True success is not defined by how materially rich you are. While material wealth is one indicator of success, it is not the only one. Wealth of time is another yardstick. How you spend your material wealth and time matters too.

If you spend a good portion of your material wealth and time volunteering to help the poor and needy, then you are truly successful.

We only live ONCE in this temporary world. Make a difference to the world. We won’t be taking our material wealth to the next world.

Leave behind a legacy.

Be known for being a rich, generous and kind person, whose contributions towards humanity is countless.

If the world mourns your passing away, then you are truly a successful person who has led a meaningful life.
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