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Default thanks for the objective n insightful replies

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

Apart from the 13th month AWs, the remaining payouts are variable.

You should compare with the AWS included in annual package.
thank you for the objective reply!
I am trying to make an intelligent calculation/projection. that's why I am asking, based on the numbers I provided, is my understanding correct, to multiply by 15.8.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
--- Estimating around 14-16 months annual package is about right. Keep in mind the end year 1.0 month is variable, depending on economic growth. There have been years when the quantum was 0.6. Same goes for the mid-year bonus of 0.5. What you can bank on is your 13 months plus a C bonus of at minimum 1.0. And yes, always compare annual package and not be swayed by monthly pay. Out of curiosity, what class of honours did you get and did u do NS? A bit surprised that starting pay offered now is $3K. That was what they offered around 10 years back for male with NS, and that was just after the global financial crisis.
Thank you for the insightful reply. that's what some close friends advised too. all is variable. However, Pte companies (esp SME) are ruthless and fast to avoid any payout, that's worse than a reduction.

I am worried that if I share too much personal info recruiters can link back to me, I am truly sorry for my answer and truly grateful for your advice. young and blur, everything also worried. I am just a silly youngster who played too much and regrets too late bah. Now, every opportunity, every dollar begins to matter.

actually most important to help my calculation is, can anyone confirm for a public servant, the salary quoted by HR and on the signed contract, is exclusive of the
2.end year,
3.13th month,

Some friends said MOM states that "Gross salary" includes bonus divided by 12. but other friends in SB said, cannot be, don't count the 4 items above. none of us are experienced enough to confirm.

thank you!
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