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Earning $365k a year is remarkable but not special. Now my challenge to him / her would be to SAVE $365k a year. That would be like saving $1,000 a day, every day for a whole year.

As a couple, my wife and I, are able to do just that, save well above $400,000 a year, combined. And why was it special for us? Because we dont even earn that much combined.

Our savings rate was only possible because of passive income! Our passive income was able to cover our yearly expense and have some left over!
I have idle funds sitting in the banks. May i ask if you can offer some tips and strategies on how to achieve the kinda of passive income as you. Many banks tried to seduce me to buy their structured products n i have attended many investment talks but im still hesistant. Perhaps just need a nudge to move. Can help?
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