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CPF Nomination Scheme

Q Are there limits on the amount that can be allocated into a nominee's CPF accounts under Enhanced Nomination Scheme (ENS)? What are these limits?
A nominee can receive the bequeathed monies in his Special Account (SA)/Retirement Account (RA) up to the current Full Retirement Sum or Enhanced Retirement Sum and in his MediSave Account (MA) up to the Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) applicable to the nominee at the time of transfer. These are also the existing limits for the Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme and the MediSave Account respectively.

Thanks, I see where the confusion lies. CPF does not allow top ups and bequests to the following CPF accounts beyond their set limits, namely

1. CPF SA - capped at FRS (if below 55)
2. CPF RA - capped at ERS (if 55 and above)
3. CPF MA - capped at current BHS.

however, there is no cap to the bequest going into the CPF OA!

It is like the HDB policy where no one is allowed to own more than one HDB flat. But when you are bequeathed with one, you are allowed to own two! Fun fact!

Likewise if you currently own a private property, you cannot buy a HDB flat without selling off your private property. But if you are bequeathed with a HDB flat, you can own both the HDB flat and the private property!
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