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Because i need cash. Is it not my money? Last time i hospitalised, i had money in CFP but they not allow me to use. i had to borrow money to pay bills.
I will not feel sorry for saying TWO of the following points I have in mind.

FIRST, the recent posts in this thread are all targeted towards retirement with passive income and either one of the income or the bulk of the income comes from CPF's OA/SA.

SECOND, it is obvious that you do not have sufficient cash flow due to one of the many reasons, lacking of a sufficient medical coverage policy.

Look, the point here is not to demoralise you in any manner. But time to be awaken by the reality of CPF that indeed it is our money so called and we cannot withdraw it as and when we favour. Get your financial planning sorted out and if it is because of any reasons you cannot which includes medical reasons where you are denied a insurance policy, failure to contract for social assistance, but not limited to. Then, your future is fixed, you will then impatiently wait for the disbursements of the funds as stipulated by law.

Note: Lets not even speak of investments. Get your body up running fine before anything else.
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