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Originally Posted by lazyplane View Post
40k CPF a year and per individual and not as a couple !

Wa.. that guy got more than a million dollars in CPF. And his wife also.

Even this guy lose to him. And he has been showing his cpf records regularly unlike the unknown person posting here..

[url=://]CPF interest earned in 2018. | A Singaporean Stocks Investor (ASSI)[/
AK71 is kind enough to share his CPF numbers to spur and show others it can be done. However he is only 48, and his CPF numbers though respectable and relatively high, is not by any measure the highest.

CW of Createweath 8888 blogspot at 62, has more than $1M in his CPF OA, yes OA alone! You may say, oh, but he is 62!, so his CPF should be high. I can tell you that many people would have started to drawdown on their CPF when they turned 55, so it is very remarkable and impressive to still have $1M in his OA at 62. He has however started to draw out his yearly interest from his SA and OA totalling $23,000 (interests from Jan to Nov - why only 11 months? is another topic for another thread if you wish to understand more)

And CW is not a scholar, not a successful business owner nor in senior management when he was working (he retired at 60). He was a middle manager in a GLC. Again, like AK71, he showed it can be done - with discipline and determination, one can build up a handsome amount in one's CPF.

As you can see from the above two "success" stories, both AK71 and CW (both retired by the way) who were not in top management nor successful business people, yet they have built up respectable CPF numbers. What more can you expect of people who are more successful than them in their careers and businesses?

I shared that our combined interests from our CPF for last year was $80K (from all our accounts). We are also not in top management position but high enough with comfortable remuneration. This has allowed us to buy properties with cash payment rather using our CPF. Not only that, we have also constantly topped up (through both voluntary contributions and returning CPF monies that we used to buy our first home) our CPF. Both my wife and I, like CW, are "OA millionaires" - meaning we have more than $1M in our OA. And I know we are not alone, nor do we have the highest CPF numbers. People are just not sharing. Thats why we must be grateful to bloggers like AK and CW.
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