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I believe my experience should be relevent for the threadstarter. I was in your position exactly 1 year ago. NUS FASS 2nd Lower. And i took up a job with one of the stat boards. Started at MX12.

1) You need to believe in what you are doing. Mine is a very important job where i deal with issues regarding something that is most important to Singaporeans. And as such i take my job very seriously.

2) Mine is a frontline job, The public may be appreciative of what you do, but they may also turn nasty if they do not get what they want. What i can only do is to take pride in those that i have helped and try my best for the rest.

3) People performing the same roles as me are very friendly and helpful, regardless of seniority. There is a sense of togetherness in the same section/unit. However, this togetherness wanes as your go further and further away (Cross-section, Cross-Department), and you can expect the red tape to be inversely proportional to togetherness.

4) There will actually be many other young people in the civil service, those that joined not long ago. Take your time to know them and take part in more activities. Having friends at work will make things a little easier and even more fun.

Ultimately, I believe that even though you may not get the riches and luxuries that the private sector may potentially give you, but the civil service is definitely less brutal and more family friendly.
jus wondering ... how they choose who go in as MX12 or MX 13?
btw since u say its stat board and some stat boards have their own schemes im assuming ur stat board follow civil service's MX scheme directly?
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