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Oh I see.. wonder if the medical check up will come before they offer you the salary package or after? I'm not sure if I have any chips to gamble with. I just felt that they must have some kind of budget range they can offer you so I wanted to negotiate. Anyone who manage to negotiate successfully please leave a comment below! Thank you!
I'm the same person you replied to.

HR got back to me more than 3 times on the salary. Once after PT, once after interview and finally, same time as medical appt was booked.

I didn't really negotiate per se, I only clarified the job scope very respectfully and tactfully because she said my job scope is A... Commander at site preview say my jobscope is B. In other words due to misalignment of perceived job demand, HR did not account for work expected by my commander.

so HR incorrectly suggest that my experience in certain area is not relevant. Waited another week she went back to the drawing board and she informed me a different salary range, ask if I'm able to accept for her to submit for approval. i accepted. Though not fantastic but good enough for me as long I'm paid rightfully for my experience and work done.

the 'final' call came recently to verbally offer me the grade, title, salary, and ask for my notice period.

Budget? I assume they called me because I am not too far off! The lady is very nice, if you insist, tactfully ask what is their budget. My friend did that and did still get hired.

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