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Originally Posted by skarfy View Post
It's always been the same HR in all my interviews. The HR is brought in from Australia. We've seen him in all the interviews. But he could have moved back to Australia so that'd make him only 2 hours difference maximum.

I actually applied for the first level role, technical specialist, so one of those you see in their shops teaching you how to use Apple products. There was an introductory to the roles before interviews started and in my second interview I mentioned I have no prior knowledge but found the 3rd level role, Genius, to be interesting (as it involved hands on repair) and whether if it's something I can apply for or work up to (like I said, I'm a strong believer of if you don't ask you won't know lol) . Consequently from there, I received a call for a role discovery session, HR told me interviewers thought Genius might be a more suitable role for myself. And so I went for the role discovery session and the third and final round of interview for the role of Genius.

My diploma is hospitality related.

An article came out on Vulcan, seems like two locations upcoming - Jewel and outside of MBS. They just postd new jobs on their socials and website.
I wasn't expecting such a detailed post, thanks Skarfy. Congrats on landing such a well paying job in this horrible economy.

Ps. Australians are very relaxed. Europeans even more.
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