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Originally Posted by skarfy View Post
Hi all

I just received a job offer from Apple for the Genius permanent role.

I'm a diploma holder with about 3 years customer service experience. Currently doing private degree with murdoch at kaplan for cybersecurity

Anyone knows hows Apple salary bracket is like? How should I negotiate? Currently offer at hand is about 4.5k/month. Other benefits are good but there are no bonus (13 month etc). I looked through Glassdoor but Singapore side don't have data. US side if convert, the median should be 5.1k.

As of now, keen to take the job as jobless. Appreciate any advice, thank you.
u're being extremely narrow-minded. have you factored in CPF employer's contributions? what about the vastly different tax rates?

the offer is fantastic given your credentials. stop being self-entitled.

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