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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Did the contract state that the company is allowed to deploy you at any location when needed?

You have nothing to lose by stating to agent on the contract clauses.
The contract that i signed for was agreed to work in X place but was put to work in Y place and when I started to ask questions about both my manager and agent said i was complaining. So i contacted my friend who is a lawyer ans he told me to draft an email to the agent that the contract has already been breached and if I continue to work in a different assignment that i did not agreed upon it, it is like forcing me to work. The agent had agreed to come my way and decided to terminate my contract. I think she scaredy cat lol when she made me sign a breached contract. First job first agent some more. I dont think i could be blacklist for this reason if agent understood my terms right

FYI agency is capita. I suggest u should always ask extra questions about the workplace and have a copy for yourself of whatever u signed up for.
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