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Dear All, I have a master's and bachelor's degree from the same local uni, 1st class honors, in fact i topped my graduating class. It's a humanities/language degree though, I have been working at a media company for 6 mths, easy work no stress but very pathetic pay at 3.6k per month (got 13 mth and PB but still very bad compared to civil service)

I feel that I am not doing my stellar results justice, if I join CS with my results probably can get much better package, but the problem is I don't really have much interest in them and unsure which ministry/SB to join. And no MOE please I don't wanna do teaching.

I am thinking about MCI, IWDA etc. What do you guys think?

A good academic result is helpful at the recruitment stage. They can give you an edge to get pass the recruitment interviews and land the job. After that, its your performance, your EQ, CEP, and how well you can work with all levels of staff - from subordinates to peers to top management.

Robert Kiyosaki made this observation (and I have seen this myself even in the CS), that Grade A graduates worked for Grade C graduates, and Grade B graduates ended up in the CS.

In the CS department where I worked, among the same cohort of graduates, I observed that the FCH graduates ended up being subordinates to some of their Lower Honours counterparts.
It seemed that FCH graduates are good workers but they lack the "smarts!"

So, a good academic result can only get you so far, its your "smarts" that will move you up.
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