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yesterday i joined a new job thru capita as a cso but pay is low 1800 pm. I am a degree grad took this job bcos couldnt stand myself sitting at home. yesterday i joined but the location was different from the contract i have signed. Initially, they told me this location is for time being but later manager said i am working here permanently. i spoke to my manager about this and he said im working perm at a different location (that was not stated in the contract), and if i have a problem with that i should talk to my capita agent. i spoke to my agent and she said i am complaining and im the first one to complain about :/ . what she doesnt know that is i could press charges for breaching the contract as the working location is different. I was so ready to work in the designated location that was stated in the contract (e.g work attire, attitude etc) and the location that im being posted for is so slow paced and dull. I decided not to go work and my agent said i have to give 1 month notice period but I don't wish to work for a location that is forcing me to work when I did not sign for this assignment. Could I be blacklisted for future jobs? And what shall I do to my agent? This is so sickening guys please help me it is my first ever job and I hate it. I have spoken to my friend who is a marine lawyer and he said that the contract is already been breached since they told you to work in a different location which I did not signed up for. He told me to write this in an email and send it to my agent. I have written the email and have sent it to her but until now no reply.

Just to note the working locations are all under same company

How do I prevent myself from getting blacklisted?
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