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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post your monthly 8k? Wondering how to obtain 130k.
Assuming 13 months + 1 month variable + 3mth A PB, you need to earn almost that amount to hit 130k package. And at geo 5, A is rare.

1A3 around 6.34k?
4 years with yearly MI quite impossible to hit even 7.5k.
I calculated as monthly 7.4 k.... which I think itís possible, although havenít heard of.

12 months and almost 6 months package including 1.5 month variable, 3 month PB, 13th month.

Seeing the almost year to year promotion, it also means the MI mustíve been higher than average since the CEP is very High to justify such accelerated promotion. Yet for such high CEP, and straight B grades I see for my peers, you should be SEO level.....

The 130k package does not include the 17% employer contribution right.....just 130k gross...

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