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You'd be surprised. Yes, most Sgns who attended an overseas college can't do a believable "American" accent (in fact many sound terrible when they try), but there are some "English-educated" who can, not bcz they are faking it but it grows on you after you spend a few years there. Personally, I enjoyed the priceless stares my American friends gave me whenever I broke out into heavy Singlish on the phone after just talking to them in English. They understand and yet they don't. A lot assume I'm a citizen and its not difficult bcz the US has such a great melting pot of cultures depending on where you're at. I often find it hard to tell myself.
nope, i'm not talking about accent at all, I'm talking about the way we speak, the choice of words, our sentence structures. It's not about good English, but how you use it. Americans use a very distinctive style, you know it when you hear it or read it. California here, on the other hand, uses the style of an educated native Singaporean, a Singaporean nonetheless.

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