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Originally Posted by newbie94 View Post
Just wanna help those who are curious about the psychometric test. There are 3 parts to it.

1) First part is reasoning test. 60 questions to be completed within 30 minutes. Random paragraphs will be given and 4 questions will be asked for each paragraph. Only 3 possible answers - true, false and cannot tell. This part is the most difficult IMHO as most people couldn't finish on time.
It is quite difficult as it tests interpretation and at the same time your ability to follow the law of the word. For example only. The text says "men performed stellar in exams than girls in 1980s". The question asks, "men are generally more clever: T /F /CT". I would answer CT another person may interpret as T. Because the answer is not obvious, during my session most can finish but correct or not is another issue.

2) Second part is progressive matrices (i.e. pattern deduction). 60 questions within 20 minutes. Most were relatively straightforward.
during my session most of the unhappiness came from this booklet when the invigilator stopped the clock. Many participants proclaimed they completed 40 plus only.

3) Third and last part is personality questionnaire + problem solving. No time limit. 185 questions of which last 15 questions were problem solving. For example, they will ask you "Minute is to hour just as second is to ___."

Test shouldn't take longer than 2h 15min.
Good on you buddy.
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