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Question How to maximize increment

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
DX9 can equal to DX10 because of banding. imagine the 2 salary range overlapping alot. for example only.. DX9S can be 3k to 5.5k. DX10S can be 3.5k to 6k. so even if you promote, it means nth if your starting is already low. you can be a DX10 and still earn the same as a old bird DX9. just that ceiling is higher. goes B to S then to P. going to P is rare.. unless you super old bird and cant promote further.

all that said... dont worry abt rank too much. see money more practical. in short, you wont get rich working in govt, but its decent. promotion is just depends on your ability.
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

It is interesting, so I should never aim to hit P grade? I thought one must move B-S-P.

Yes see money indeed, that's the basis of my queries, how to rank up and money up. It depends on the definition of getting rich. I know my education credentials automatically form a glass ceiling.

How to maximize increment as a DXO? Doing good and many projects usually result in performance grade and PB, but increment? Does it peg to grade?

Coming from SB, my ex boss is a classic example of zero merit and expect you to ankat bola. Don't count the merit and only count the mistakes. Ankat bola to erase his memory of your mistakes. Projects are always given to the same people.. I wasted my youth there and I see my friends in ministry having a SomeWhat fair appraisal I want to take back some part of my lost time.
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