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Originally Posted by Ambition View Post
Appreciate the time taken to write it.

So, appointment in simple English means, to take up more projects to earn points, and doing well in them to earn even more points. When there's enough points accumulated, the bosses will have ammunition to fight for your promotion (eg 9S -> 9P, P is higher than S right) , which translates into higher salary scale in less time, and remaining the the middle of salary range.

I was wondering why there's so many comments that Dx9 can/may earn equal to Dx10, is it because this DX9 has no projects to impress and be promoted, but paid close to ceiling due to mandatory increments? (as you mentioned)

In this case the high paid Dx9 is at the ceiling and avg paid Dx10 is at the lower end of the spectrum? Big fish in small pond vs small fish in ocean? I assume for go-getter the ocean is a better place.
DX9 can equal to DX10 because of banding. imagine the 2 salary range overlapping alot. for example only.. DX9S can be 3k to 5.5k. DX10S can be 3.5k to 6k. so even if you promote, it means nth if your starting is already low. you can be a DX10 and still earn the same as a old bird DX9. just that ceiling is higher. goes B to S then to P. going to P is rare.. unless you super old bird and cant promote further.

all that said... dont worry abt rank too much. see money more practical. in short, you wont get rich working in govt, but its decent. promotion is just depends on your ability.

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