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Originally Posted by Ambition View Post
Thanks, dunno what happened my reply is taking forever to be released by the mod.

Do you know, is ranking within the dept or within camp or all the DXO in SG?

Appointment is grabbed by the person themselves, or the boss will arrow to test your ability? I am quite a go-getter who wants to give back to public service. I am wondering if I must highlight my willingness to excel to my commander. My limited understanding of SAF is very top down. So if i must go to the top, then at least I won't waste time trying to impress my RO who maybe... Is not an achiever in the first place.

I heard from friends that if your reservist is all reservist, no regulars, it will be a culture shock when observe the regulars. It is as though entered another country under military law. First obey the laws, then do the job decently. Not do the job well and try to skirt around the laws as in corporate.

May I know what was the last known PB for C grade? Got 1.5 month?

Thank you for the replies
sadly, in my community at least, those that the bosses wants to groom usually gets the projects. but of course you can highlight to your boss you want to do something.

last known PB C grade for my community is about 1.3 months. default C.

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