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I went for the interview and was offered the position back in June 2018. The tests and roundtable discussion happens all in a day. from 9am and ends at 3pm.

I rejected the offer because...They told me that the job requires my commitment, which i understood. I said I'm fine with overtime. If the job requires me to work till 7-8pm everyday, that's fine. They told me that this (July 2018 to Nov 2018) is a busy period for them and I have to work a little later. I asked her so is that till 10pm everyday? She hesitated for a while and I could tell from her expression that I have misunderstood a little later. (Seems like she wanted me to be prepared to stay past midnight)

I took back the offer and rejected them the following day. lol. imagine having to work overtime everyday. not to mention, they undercut me. i'm glad i rejected them and still have my life now.
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