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I had tendered resgination. My manager has been overseas and will be back in a few days. I have informed him and the agency by email and called my agency. The agent was reluctant and says he will wait for the manager to confirm my last day. He shrugged off and did not give me a confirmation even though he is the person representing me. My manager called shortly and asked me to stay longer etc. however I was firm. He found an excuse and said he prefer to talk to me face-to-face when he is back and persistently asked me to stay, saying he will try to "back date" in the event I still insist on leaving. However in the history of this company, they have been practising unfair employment and does target people and sack staffs unfairly to save on compensation to their advantage. Now, I am afraid that they will delay my notice period even though I am firm on my decision.

What else can I do? I have no one else in the organisation I can tell as I am a contract worker and only reports to him so far.
I am experienced in this. I ever encounter this before.

I was a contract staff and after 2 weeks, i was offered perm. But another company came with better prospect (around same pay), I decided to tender.

My notice period is 1 mth with agency (who arranged contract with existing company). So I told my boss I wanted to quit and leave 2 weeks earlier if possible because new job I have to start in 2 weeks time.

Boss not happy say I should fulfil contract with 1 mth notice. The conversation became fury and I told boss flat, I work 2 weeks and I pay 2 weeks to go earlier. (you only need to compensate in salary if you leave early).

In the end I worked 2 weeks (surf internet go long meal breaks and go long smoke breaks) and then the 2 weeks salary is used to compensate the 2 weeks early release.

Dont be shy to talk to HR in your company and if need be, speak to MoM. Be very sure that you wont go back to your existing company if you go my route. This burns bridges but I have not looked back since and am happy that I decided that way. It has been like 5 years since! wow time flies.

Good luck.

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