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Would-be MAs take note. Donít be conned!

What a joke! The compensation system really sucks! HR and compensation team better go back to school and learn the meaning of reward and performance. And learn your Math too!

Increment is not related to performance grading. Band 1, 2 or 3 all same increment. Same absolute amount. Master grads increment less than non master grads both in terms of absolute amount and %. So Band 1 master grads ended up with less increment than band 2 and 3 non master grads. What logic is this! The higher your salary base the more pathetic your increment in % .

Bonus is so called performance based but the difference between the different bands is so marginal. Slogged the whole year for nothing. Bonus not in terms of number of months. An absolute amount for each band. Calculation by month band 1 master grads ended up less than band 2 non master grads.

Hello HR and compensation team you sure you passed your Math in school?

2018 was a good year for DBS yet the good results not reflected in the MAs bonus . In-programme analysts have bigger bonuses .

Higher starting pay but lower compensation. Ended up annual income not great at all. Like what is mentioned in some of the posts above Ė enticed us with a good starting pay then take back from our increment and bonus.

HR if you are reading this thread take note. No point keep changing the programme to tackle the high attrition rate. Treat the MAs like fools and you expect to retain them after the 2 year programme? Morale is so low this week when the MAs received their compensation letter. Many are saying time to look for another job! A wasted investment in the MA programme if you canít retain the MAs!
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