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There are more than 1 current or past MAs sharing in this thread?
Yes. I am one of them. The people sharing should still be in DBS to know about the changes as a briefing was held a few months ago for those in the MA programme - past and present batches.

Personally I do not think changing the programme will address the problem of high attrition rate. If you know what you want to do in the bank why do you want to be rotated and in just 1 track? What if during 1st rotation you do not like the track that you have chosen? You will be stuck for 1.5 years. After that you can choose to be posted to any group for the next 2 years but as you have not done any rotation in the other 2 groups how do you know that you will like it? You are not a fresh graduate in a GA programme. How many years do you intend to use to explore your career options?

I joined the MA programme as a fresh graduate. I had done rotation in all groups. I didn't like my 2nd rotation and I was glad it was only for 5 months. So I have ruled out a posting to that group. The current MA programme gives me the exposure to the various group. This exposure will no longer be available to the 2019 batch.

It is not the programme that causes the high attrition rate. It's the lack of transparency, the feeling of not being valued, the feeling of being conned ( giving me a good starting pay and then taking it away with the low and unfair compensation), the constant changes during the programme which give rise to uncertainties etc. The HR is not listening to the feedback of the MAs .

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