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I am currently a medical student (final year) in UK. Planning to return to sg to work as I am peg holder. I am interested in medicine in the long run. I was wondering how difficult is it to get IM residency and what is the job prospects for IM residents? (Noted that AC jobs are tough to get, what happens if an IM resident don't get an AC job or even Sr job at the end of their training? Do they go back to mopex??)

I don't have special interest in any of the subspec, so will be happy to do the less popular subspec (eg gen med) where there are higher chance of getting jobs. I thought of mopex for a few years to find what subspec I like but worried that this will affect my career progression if I enter residency late. (Will already be 27 years old when I return..)

Any advice?
Moderate difficulty 2 applicants for each position. Yes official stand is mohh can only pay you for one year as a service registrar post exit. After that year, you have to go back to mopex. In reality, Hosp will employ you as a senior rp or staff physician, and you wait till an AC post opens.

As long as they don't take in too many residents. There will be ac jobs in the long run.

Some times candidates are both victims and beneficiaries of the system. A broad quota makes entry easier, but makes finding jobs later harder. The very same loose quota that enables them to join residency fresh from med school without significant experience and portfolio is going to be the same quota that cause them unable to get a job immediately due to oversupply and excess capacity.
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