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Originally Posted by desfrie View Post
I have been working in a poly for 7 years. The situation is not as bad what is described here. Of course the pay may not be as high as the outside world but you will get to work till 65 with a stable income. The contract renewal is never an issue unless one is a super bad performers. In fact, my school sees very low attrition rate. Normally for staff who can't adapt, they will leave within 2 years. The passion for teaching must be there. There is a good combination of caring, teaching, learning and also industry work.
Ok..this is at least encouraging.
1.) How old are you now, if you don’t mind me asking as you are talking about teaching till 65?
2.) How was the MI in the past few years for poly? I was quoted 2-3% on C grade but when I look at the old fix increment scheme; the increase seems to be higher in the old scheme.
3.) Am I right to say that the program chair, Snr managers and managers belongs to PAX3?
4.) Does your poly has PAX3 Senior Lecturer or PAX3 must be Principle Lecturer? I am trying to gauge the potential of how far I can go vs if I were to stay in private sector.
5.) So the contract renewal is till retirement without any chance of turning to Perm? Any difference between contract and perm?
6.) Am I correct to say that poly lecturer gets an avg of 16.5months, including AWS, AVC, Growth, PB etc…
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